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This has been the best T supplement I have tried. My T levels have risen. I'm 66 and my Dr. said my T was higher than she has seen for my age
- Richard A.  Verified Buyer

Testro-X is all about stimulating your body's natural ability to produce testosterone. A natural blend of vitamins, minerals and potent herbs, Testro-X can help boost hormonal function, improve strength and muscle gain, and optimize sleep and recovery. On top of all that, enjoy a boost in energy all day long.


    Take Back Your Manhood With Testro-X.



    Boost energy naturally with Testro-X, no more mid-day crashes and exhausted evenings. Experience energy, stamina and power.†



    By improving testosterone production, you stimulate your body's ability to put on muscle, making your gym visits more worth it.†



    Experience stamina in and out of the bedroom. Users report improved bedroom performance as a result of taking Testro-X.†


    Inspired by Nature. Backed by Science.

    Each ingredient in Testro-X is carefully selected for it's research backed effect on improving the body's ability to produce its own testosterone. See all ingredients

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    Magnesium is the 11th most-abundant mineral in the human body, and it controls more than 300 bodily functions. Deficiencies in this vital mineral can lead to lower levels of testosterone. †

    Learn more
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    how to use
    How To Take

    Take 3 capsules before you go to sleep in the evening

    More Hormones & Energy

    Improve your body's own ability to produce testosterone

    Better Sleep

    Enjoy the sleep improvements as a positive side effect of taking before bed

    frequently asked questions

    What does Testro-X do?

    Testro-X is a natural testosterone enhancement supplement. It is designed with key ingredients that have been shown in clinical trials to increase testosterone, lower stress, and lower estrogen levels. IT DOES NOT CONTAIN TESTOSTERONE, it simply contains herbs and minerals shown to be effective at the previously mentioned benefits.

    How do I take Testro-X?

    The best results with Testro-X are seen when taking the supplement consistently at the same time everyday. Most people experience great benefits for their sleep when using the product at night, but others enjoy taking it in the morning. Simply experiment with these two different times of day and see what works best for you.

    Is Testro-X vegan?

    No, Testro-X has a bovine gelatin capsule.

    Is Testro-X dairy-free?

    No, Testro-X contains inositol which is derived from milk.

    Can I take Testro-X with medication?

    We recommend always talking to your prescribing physician if you are on medication before moving forward with any supplementation.

    Testro-X gave me the runs

    Testro-X has a potent dose of magnesium that can draw water into the stool. Simply lower the dose to 1-2 capsules daily instead of the normal 3 capsules.

    Can I take Testro-X on an empty stomach?

    We recommend taking Testro-X with food and water to ensure it does not cause an upset stomach, however, we do have many customers who take Testro-X on an empty stomach and don't experience any negative side effects. Simply experiment and see what works best for you.

    Is the capsule BSE/TSE and Prion free?

    Yes, UMZU has all of their capsules rigorously tested to make sure they are certified BSE/TSE and Prion Free.

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    Jesse T.
    United States United States

    Great product

    I recently lost my youngest son and your supplements have giving me the mind set and focus to overcome this battle by working out and having the energy for my two older boys. Thank you a million times.

    UMZU TESTRO-X: Testosterone Booster Review
    Rick H.
    United States

    Like turning back the clock, but expensive

    I’m a guy in his mid-50s who was looking for a way to naturally keep my t levels as high as possible. This product definitely has done that. There are times I almost react like I did as a teenaged boy to the slightest stimulus (if you get my meaning). I’m giving the product 5 stars despite one downside many people will notice: it’s expensive. But I’m not going to knock the product for that because “expensive” isn’t the same as “over-priced.” I have no idea whether it’s over-priced because I don’t know how much it costs to produce it. All I can say is I was looking for a product to do what this product does. That earns it 5 stars.

    United States United States

    Life changing.

    Absolutely fenominal, testro x changed my life.i am bipolar and have been aggressive for a long time as well as mentally unstable. Umzu and their products saved my life. I was admitted to the hospital because I got so out of touch with reality that I couldn't remember my own name. God bless this company. Testro x and root wood are the best products on the market period. I almost died and it saved my life and built Bridges with my family and I'm not even bipolar as much anymore. I laugh, smile, and love again. You changed my life to where I can be there for my daughter and in her life again. Thank you.

    saleem m.
    United States

    This and Redwood

    Love this stuff. I stack it with Redwood (my favorite) awesome results..

    UMZU TESTRO-X: Testosterone Booster Review
    Alex H.
    United States


    Great overall experience with TestroX. Can tell a significant increase in *** drive with this product. Increased strength and stamina for daily Crossfitt training sessions. Promotes deeper sleep for increased recovery after grueling workouts. Recommend this product.

    UMZU TESTRO-X: Testosterone Booster Review
    Richard A.
    United States


    This has been the best t supplement I have tried. My t level has risen. I'm 66 and my Dr. said my it was higher than she had seen for my age. I plan on continuing using. Great t supplement .!!

    UMZU TESTRO-X: Testosterone Booster Review
    Robert N.
    United States

    Happy I Switched

    I switched from another supplement to Testro-X and could tell the difference within the first week. Used in conjuction with Redwood I started waking up with an ******** every morning. Good stuff!

    David M.
    United States

    Over 650 ng/dl increase!

    I am 53 years old. The last time I tested my t level was 6 years ago and it was low normal: 324.7. In the past few years, I have done two things: Strength training 3 x per week and added Testro-X to my supplement regimen. I just tested again in 2019; my results: 789! My doc was so surprised she accused me of using steroids or black market t replacement!

    dennis w.
    United States United States


    great wife says it like having a 20 year old man start strong and finish strong and not 5 minutes and I'm done go for hours

    UMZU TESTRO-X: Testosterone Booster Review
    Rick C.
    United States United States

    This stuff works!

    I’ve been using this for several months now! I was having issues with weak libido and I had started working out as well. I noticed within a few days my it was like I was 10 years younger with the libido. My gains are consistent as well. I have noticed if I don’t eat well you can tell a difference. I stay away from SOY now and believe it’s a downer. Eating well goes hand in hand with Testro-X. I love it!

    Matthew K.
    United States

    Extra boost

    Don’t really have any trouble but the extra boost is awesome and my lady almost can’t handle it but she is more than satisfied

    carlos c.
    United States United States

    More everything

    Have been taking this product for two months. Noticed an increase in the gym around week three and in the bedroom around week two. Marked improvements for a 50 year old.

    Rob H.
    United States

    This product works great

    I think as men you have to understand your body and how it functions. Testro will boost your T levels but you also have to know if you have problems with blood flow aka labido or if your stress levels are high. Stress levels can cause big problems. Testro helped boost T, helped with workouts and improved my mood

    Mark H.
    United States


    I think it’s working. Some days I’m feeling better and stronger. Other days I’m not. I had stage 4 cancer 12 years ago and I’m still trying to get my complete strength back. Thanks, Mark Hood

    Tom M.
    United States

    Great Product!

    I have been on this product for several months and feel great! I am not as achy, I have a bit more energy, and well other stuff too that probably need not be explained here but to be understood if read between the lines. Thanks, UMZU (formerly Umzu!) I do wish they did special deals once in a while though like other products. 5.00 off for a review that could make them thousands? Anyway, still great product!

    Sean W.
    United States


    It has given more energy and stamina through my 2 hour workouts ( weight lifting).

    UMZU TESTRO-X: Testosterone Booster Review


    First thing I noticed was a deeper voice. Second thing was less sleep needed. This with Redwood had really made a difference.

    DARTS B.
    United States

    Very good

    Pretty good, just trying too stay consistent to within my workout, so I could feel the entire effect and benefits. I am working out a lot more though.

    UMZU TESTRO-X: Testosterone Booster Review
    Bozidar A.
    United States United States

    Best supplement

    This is the best supplement that I take. The combined ingredients work to raise the bar on intimacy. Taken at night, mornings are glorious for my wife and me. It also helps me get a good exercise workout with increased energy, albeit that I combine it with Redwood.

    Derwin S.
    United States


    My overall experience has being great in seeing a difference in my energy levels . There's no " brain fog" and there's a sustained energy throughout the day. That feeling of being drained is gone . Thank you !

    Umzu Owl

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