Our Mission

Where are we going?

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Brand mission

At UMZU we look at health from a holistic perspective rather than the conventional way of reductionism. Instead of looking at symptoms and covering them with band-aids we go to the root cause of the issue and FIX the problem.

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Our motto

You deserve to thrive. This is based on the metabolic theory of health.This philosophy states that energy creates order, and this order allows for structure to be created. When energy production throughout the system is functioning at its highest capacity the health of the organism is in a state that allows it to thrive. In this state of energetic abundance, the individual is able to live a life of abundance and manifest the life that he or she is meant to live.

From the perspective of the human body, this means alleviating micronutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalances in order to allow energy production throughout the body to beat its highest possible capacity. We believe that everyone has the ability to do this, they just lack the tools that are necessary to get there. We provide the knowledge and resources available to achieve this state of health and keep it to live the life that you are meant to live. You deserve to thrive.

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"Relax, It's UMZU"

Our goal

In a world full of proprietary blends, artificial ingredients and labels with words few people understand, it can be difficult to trust any product on the market.

Our goal at UMZU is to deliver natural products in all areas of your life that are truly good for you - no additives, no fillers and no nonsense.

We hope that with each continued use of an UMZU product, you build a relationship with us built on trust.

And while "label checking" is always a good practice, we hope that over time you equate the UMZU logo with trust in quality.

So when a friend or loved one picks up an UMZU product and turns to check the label for low-quality ingredients, additives or fillers, you can reach out your hand and confidently tell them...

"Relax, it's UMZU."