The team

Meet the Team Behind UMZU

From Operations, Marketing, Advertising, and Design to the Warehouse and Customer Care, Team UMZU is all about helping our customers live a thriving life of abundance and health! Here's just a few of the more than 70 people at UMZU.

**Christopher Walker**

Christopher Walker

Co-Founder & CEO

**Darren Crawford**

Darren Crawford

Co-Founder & COO

**Robert Walker**

Robert Walker

Chief Growth Officer

**Zach Siegel**

Zach Siegel

Chief Creative Officer

**Tarryn Soderberg**

Tarryn Soderberg

Chief Strategy Officer

**Kim Handy**

Kim Handy

Chief Accounting Officer

**David Romese**

David Romese

Director of Operations

**Amy Hockinson**

Amy Hockinson

Director of Customer Care

**Katherine Phillips**

Katherine Phillips

Director of Project Management

**Kerri Kartel**

Kerri Kartel

Director of Quality

**Sloan Osborn**

Sloan Osborn

Product Development Manager

**Jayton Miller**

Jayton Miller

Director of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

**Brenton Leasure**

Brenton Leasure

Motion Graphics Manager

**Mat Chapman**

Mat Chapman

Video Editor Manager

**Emily Dawson**

Emily Dawson

Motion Graphic Specialist

**Aidan Weinberger**

Aidan Weinberger

Lead Graphic Designer

**Michael Rodriguez**

Michael Rodriguez

Business Development Manager

**Erik Eckelhofer**

Erik Eckelhofer

Senior Staff Accountant

**Lisa Barthuly**

Lisa Barthuly

eCommerce Asset Manager

**Marina Curry**

Marina Curry

Email & SMS Specialist

**Danielle Reycer**

Danielle Reycer

Data Analyst

**Christina Clark**

Christina Clark

Office & Community Manager

**Joel Rowlenson**

Joel Rowlenson

IT Administrator

**Nicole Murphee**

Nicole Murphee

Regulatory Compliance