Our Story

How a brain tumor started UMZU

"When I was 19, I almost died."

– Christopher Walker

Years ago a young neuroscience student, Christopher Walker, was diagnosed with a tumor on his pituitary gland. The tumor caused Chris’s hormonal health to suffer a great deal. Doctors responded by trying different synthetic hormone solutions, but Chris held a strong belief that a natural solution - one without side effects - must exist.

Using all of the research tools available to him during his time at Duke University, Chris set off to find a natural hormone solution. He researched clinical studies and organized them in a way that, when systematically used together, ultimately cured him of his hormonal imbalances. Chris later thought,β€œWell, if it helped me in this way, it might help other men too.” So he decided to publish his findings to help men across the world and build a trusted community of like-minded people following the path to natural hormonal health.

After some time, students of Chris began sending emails in to inquire about two things. Requests that he use his research to create supplements, and Female hormonal health assistance. The viewers of his material were experiencing personal success with their own hormonal health and were seeking similar research-backed information and supplements geared to help their wives, girlfriends, mothers, and daughters, so they too, could find a solution to the symptoms they were experiencing from hormonal imbalance.

So Chris enlisted the combined efforts of our team who together with their expertise and years of experience created UMZU. UMZU.com is the place where both men and women can go to naturally reclaim their hormonal balance through clinical research-backed products.