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Mucuna Pruriens

Support Mood and Well-Being

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"I love this product! I take 2 capsules in the morning and the product seems to give me focus and a sense of well being!"
- Cindy R.  Verified Buyer

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that promotes increased well-being, focus, enjoyment, and interest in life.†

With 20% L-DOPA (the immediate precursor of dopamine), DOPA Mucuna helps the body with what it needs to make this important neurotransmitter.† Mucuna pruriens has been used in the traditional Ayurvedic system in India for thousands of years and is now available to you in this convenient supplement.† 


Perk Up! It's UMZU.



L-DOPA has been shown to support memory capacity and brain health.†



When you're happy, everyone's happy. Enjoy a rush in libido after taking Mucuna Pruriens.†



Dopamine is the "happy" neurotransmitter. Enjoy a lift in mood in as little as 45 minutes.†


4 Amazing Benefits of
Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna Pruriens does one simple but powerful thing - Mucuna Pruriens supports healthy dopamine production.†

 Dopamine is the body's chief happiness neurotransmitter. When supporting dopamine, you may enjoy better mood, well-being, focus and lust for life. †

 Healthy dopamine levels can also support a healthy stress response and reproductive health. See all ingredients

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Supports Testosterone

Mucuna has been researched for it's benefits in supporting healthy testosterone production, as well as healthy sperm quality.

Learn more
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how to use
Take 2 Capsules

In the morning with water

Short-Term Benefits

Enjoy some subtle short term effects for supporting cognition, mood and happiness. Customers have reported feeling short-term effects after 45 minutes.

Long-Term Benefits

After prolonged use of around 12 weeks, enjoy long-lasting benefits in cognition and general well-being.

frequently asked questions

What does Mucuna do?

Mucuna is a naturally occurring source of a molecule known as L-Dopa, a direct precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine. This naturally occurring molecule is known to enhance mood, libido, cognition, and overall sense of well-being.

How do I take Mucuna?

Simply take 2 capsules in the morning with a meal.

Is Mucuna vegan?

The capsule is made from bovine gelatin, so the product overall is not vegan. However, the contents are vegan-friendly.

Is Mucuna dairy-free?

Yes, Mucuna is dairy free, however, it is manufactured in a facility that manufactures dairy-containing products.

Can I take Mucuna with medication?

We always recommend talking to your prescribing physician before using any supplements to ensure that they are safe to take with your medical history.

Can I take Mucuna on an empty stomach?

We have many customers take this product on an empty stomach with no issues, but we generally recommend taking it with food and water.

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Joshua E.
United States

Unbelievable stuff..

As a recovered opioid addict going on 11 years clean . I thought I mite never quite have my old mind set back , overall happiness, pleasure in the simplest of things ,situations, interactions ,etc etc ... just feeling alive and happy . But this stuff has taken my dopamine levels back to the old me ..lol. Simply put, its amazing for me to feel this way again . Tks UMZU

Michael R.
United States

Dopa Mucuna and Umzu

Umzu and Dopa works for me! High mental energy and good focus seems to be the norm for me. Two thumbs up for the entire Umzu program! The staff is also top notch, helpful and pro-active. Great company all around! Kudos! Its hard to review any product at this point in isolation because I am taking a stack of really great supplements. After researching for years, I came across Chris Walker and Umzu. I watched all the videos, ordered the books and read all of the literature. Seemed like a well researched approach so I am giving it a good try. All I can say is I feel fantastic and am in as good a shape as I have ever been both mentally and physically. I am harder on my liver than I care to be with several shots of vodka nightly but, hey, it doesn't seem to be slowing me down any! At 58, I have been taking a complete complement of Umzu products. Testro X, Redwood, Dopa, Cortigon, Floracil Also supplementing with Vit D3, K2, Vit E, Magnesium, Creatine Diet supplying large amounts of Vit A ( liver), Carnitine (red meat), Minerals Greens) DHA/EPA and DMAE (Fatty fish) Exercise includes High Intensity Workouts 1-2 times week Mike Rosato

UMZU Mucuna Pruriens: Support Mood and Well-Being Review
Keoki A.
United States United States

Can't Stop The Feeling UMZU

UMZU I got this feeling inside my bones It goes electric, wavy when I turn it on. All through my city, all through my home. We're flying up, no ceiling, when we're in our zone I got that sunshine in my pocket Got that good soul in my feet I feel that hot blood in my body when it drops I can't take my eyes up off it Moving so phenomenally Room on lock the way we rock it So don't want to stop this UMZU feeling

UMZU Mucuna Pruriens: Support Mood and Well-Being Review


Haha awesome! Glad you're feeling good ;)

Carmelle A.
United States United States

Abron - Mucuna Review

I was suffering from COVID brain fog and working full time and being a full time student has been difficult. Since taking Mucuna I have noticed a bit of a change in that I am able to study for longer periods of time.

UMZU Mucuna Pruriens: Support Mood and Well-Being Review
Cory P.
United States

Dopa Mucuna is effective!

It took a few weeks to notice a positive difference in mental clarity. I'm able to stay focused on task & my recollection has improved. I can remember lyrics to a new song after hearing it only once, & distant memories feel contemporary. I will definitely continue using this great supplement!

Vernon B.
United States

Dopa Mucuna

So far so good, I’ve been in it for three weeks now I stay very alert throughout the day an sleeping better at night. Can’t wait to see what 90 days on this product brings

UMZU Mucuna Pruriens: Support Mood and Well-Being Review
Ken B.
United States

Dopa Mucuna

I am very pleased with all these products. I have no problem whipping thru my work while in a great mood and being able to focus on several things going on at once.

UMZU Mucuna Pruriens: Support Mood and Well-Being Review
sean-luke j.
United States

Dopamine rush

Definite lift in mood but be sure to cycle so the effect will remain the same.

Saleh N.
United States

dopa mucuna

Having used this product for few weeks, as directed to take it in the morning, I do feel that this product provided me with a happier feeling and mood throughout the day. I am 52 years old and there is not a herbal product I have not used through my life as I keep up with health education.

Eric C.


i use it together with ashwaganda to improve my sleep. i live in Spain where summer is extremely hot and people wake up at night. i usually don´t have sleeping issues but i do feel that i relax better and sleep deeper now. shipping took a long time and i was not sure if Spanish custom authorities would give me trouble (happened before), but everything worked out fine in the end. definitely recommendable

Cindy R.
United States United States

Dopa brain support

I love this product! I take 2 capsules in the morning and the product seems to give me focus and a sense of well being!

Arlo T.
United States

Simple but works!

Two in the morning with the redwood helps keeps my focus and blood flowing. Great, products that work natural!

benjamin b.
United States

Subtle but good

The dopa mucuna is subtle but useful. I’ve noticed on days I take the supplement I’m always more clear headed and positive. It’s also great for social situations.

Christopher B.
United States United States

Excellent products

I took dopa I have tried the other products from umzu and I found good results I enjoyed taking this product . I found that I wanted to do more with the energy I got from this product . So worth the time to take or continue to use.

Austin W.
United States

Best line of products ever

Good quality is hard to find in todays products. I trust that when i buy your product it works naturaly, without any B.S fillers. The proof is how fucosed l have been everyday since I started takeing Dopa Mucuna, it noticeably enhances my mood and I feel motivated to get things done. Highly recommended!!!

Charles C.
United States

great product

it is great it keeps my husband the person i married thank you

Michael R.
United States

Dopa Mucuna

I feel so good on the Dopa Mucuna! Works really well with the Cortigon. I’m so thankful I found TruthNutra products.

Kenzie A.
United States


I have notice a big difference in my overall health it’s really working wanders for me and I plan on using it as long as I could

Nate B.
United States

Dopa Mucuna

My experience when taking Dopa Mucuna was a fulfilment. I started noticing the effects the same day within an hour! Helped me to feel excited keep a steady calm mood.

United States

Great Product

I was a little sceptical at first. But boy *** I wrong...this product works!

Umzu Owl

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