3D render of fat cells in the body.

Why sleep helps you heal from being sick.

A good night's sleep is your guardian, and the science behind it is just as intriguing as the restorative powers it holds. Let’s explore what happens in your body during those precious hours of sleep, uncovering the mysteries of this nightly healing process.

3D render of an increase in cytokine production


An increase in cytokine production.

Your immune system is an intricate network of defenders, and when you're deep in sleep, it kicks into high gear. Each night, as you drift off into dreamland, your body undergoes crucial repair and rejuvenation processes.

This is akin to a nightly tune-up for your immune system, equipping it with the tools and energy it needs to keep you healthy and support recovery when you're under the weather.

Beneath the quiet of sleep, a cellular symphony plays out. During rest, your body ramps up the production of cytokines, vital proteins in the immune response. This increase in cytokine activity bolsters your body’s defenses against infections and enhances healing capabilities.

Think of it as arming your immune system with an extra layer of protection, boosting its ability to ward off illness and speed up recovery when needed.

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Crafting a healing night of rest.

Sleep is more than just clocking in hours of rest; it’s the quality and stages of sleep that really count.

Your sleep cycle includes both REM (rapid eye movement) and non-REM stages. While REM sleep engages your brain in processing and supporting cognitive health, the non-REM stages are all about physical restoration.

Together, these stages ensure a well-rounded and restful sleep, priming your immune system for optimal performance.

Enter the concept of sleep hygiene – the essential companion to your sleep routine. A tranquil sleep environment, maintained at a comfortable temperature and free from noise, sets the stage for uninterrupted rest.

Good sleep hygiene is like prepping the perfect setting for your body's nightly restorative processes, allowing your immune system to function without any hitches.†

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Your immune system protects you. Help it help you.

12 Natural Ways to Support Immune Health

Taking care of your immune system is vital as it defends against infections and diseases, helps prevent illness, and ensures quicker recovery when sick.

Maintaining it requires a balanced diet, regular exercise, sufficient sleep, managing stress, and avoiding harmful habits like smoking. Nature can help, too! Here's how:

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