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Why do we gain fat?

Storing fat is how the body puts away extra energy in case it is needed for another time. This mechanism has evolved from our ancestors, who went through times of abundance followed by times of famine.

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The state of abundance.

During times of abundance, our ancestors would store extra body fat so that when the inevitable famine was upon them, they could tap into that stored energy to survive.

In this survival state, the body begins to lower the metabolism to slow down energy consumption.

This is a critical point to understand concerning crash dieting. Going too low in calories will cause your body to mimic the metabolic reactions of our ancestors. Your internal processes will fight back if you are not eating enough food.

Not until your body receives enough nutrition does it move into a state of abundance, where the metabolism is firing correctly, energy levels are high, and insulin resistance is low.

The right way to lose fat? Slowly, being careful not to work against yourself by going too low in calories.

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There is one more catch to this concept. Most people consume food and drink that is largely devoid of nutrients. Our ancestors could easily flip back and forth between survival and abundance due to the high nutritional content of their food.

Micronutrient deficiencies are so prevalent in todayโ€™s society that we are fighting an obesity epidemic driven by excess fat storage and improper metabolism regulation.

This is all to say, to truly succeed in dropping fat, you must eat fewer calories, AND those calories need to be from quality, highly nutritious sources. We know youโ€™ve been told this before in school health classes, but now hopefully, it makes a little more sense as to why!

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Weight loss is complex, but nature can help.

10 Supplements That Support Healthy Weight Loss (& Why)

By eliminating micronutrient deficiencies, you ensure your body operates as it should.

Unfortunately, due to our environments and nutrient-void diets, avoiding micronutrient deficiencies is becoming increasingly challenging.

Below is a list of our top recommended supplements for fat loss:

Below, you will find how to implement the supplements above into a daily routine:

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Natural Supplements That Help Support Weight Loss: