Josh Lost Over 100lbs With Help From SENSOLIN & REDWOOD

UMZU Ambassador Josh Lux weight over 300lbs a year ago, now he has a powerful story to share...

Now he's down over 100lbs to a svelte 180lbs. He took his health back into his own hands with UMZU...

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Hi, I'm Josh Lux. I'm from Lincoln, Nebraska. I've been using UMZU products for a year, maybe a little bit more than that now. They've been a crucial part of my health journey.

A little bit over a year ago, I weighed almost 300 pounds, and one morning I woke up and I was having trouble putting my own socks on and I just thought, I have to do something.

And so I didn't know much about health at that time, obviously, big part of why I got that heavy in the first place. So I started studying up, learning some things, and I started using UMZU products, weightlifting. I'm now down a hundred pounds, I weigh 180. I started out 282, and now I'm at 180. And the UMZU supplements have been a big part of that journey.

Pro-health means, to me, a lot of things. When I first started out, it was all about losing weight, but as I went along, losing weight wasn't enough. Your weight isn't everything that there is to do with your health.

There's so many other things happening in your body that you need to understand. And so learning about gut health and immune function, those things became super important, and the UMZU supplements, and implementing diet strategies that were gut friendly, optimizing my sleep, and getting the right kinds of exercises at the right times was crucial in my ability to lose that weight, and in general become more healthy.

Redwood and Sensolin are my favorites, and I've been using those products for about a year, maybe longer, and I'll probably continue to use those products. I actually tracked my blood sugar and saw it go down after eating a meal when I took the Sensolin.

That is incredible, to go down five points after eating instead of having my blood sugar skyrocket. To me that says volumes about the quality and the necessity of something like that.

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