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How to enter into a calorie deficit

In order to enter a calorie deficit, you must first know what puts your body in homeostasis. This level of calories is known as your maintenance calories. In metabolically healthy individuals, maintenance calories can be simply calculated:

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Pounds x 15

Multiply your weight in pounds by 15 to get your maintenance calories.

It’s worth noting that maintenance calories differ from person to person. If you find yourself gaining weight by following the remaining advice in this article, then your metabolism is likely troublesome and will hinder your success.

For these individuals, we recommend that you try a period of what is known as “Recomposition” to rehabilitate the metabolism before moving onto a fat loss phase.

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Subtract 200-500

Once your maintenance calories are calculated, you can easily determine how many calories you must consume to lose fat.

Subtract between 200 and 500 calories from your maintenance calories to create a sustainable calorie deficit.

If maintaining strength is a primary concern for you when losing fat, then you can always engage the process more slowly by eating at your maintenance calories and increasing your energy expenditure - adding an extra 5-10K steps per day to your current baseline activity.

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Weight loss is complex, but nature can help.

10 Supplements That Support Healthy Weight Loss (& Why)

By eliminating micronutrient deficiencies, you ensure your body operates as it should.

Unfortunately, due to our environments and nutrient-void diets, avoiding micronutrient deficiencies is becoming increasingly challenging.

Below is a list of our top recommended supplements for fat loss:

Below, you will find how to implement the supplements above into a daily routine:

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Natural Supplements That Help Support Weight Loss: