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Bioperine - What Is It & What Does It Do?

By Jayton Miller

For thousands of years, plants have offered natural remedies for a variety of diseases and illnesses. Many are drawn to natural herbs and supplements not only for their medicinal properties, but also because of the minimal side effects associated with the consumption of these natural herbs and spices. In fact, many of these natural substances were used long before the development of modern medicine.

When most people think of black pepper, they think of the shaker sitting alongside the salt on just about every dining table, both in homes and in restaurants. Yes, it is primarily used as a spice, but the main component of black pepper “bioperine” is useful for more than just flavor. Let's take a look at bioperine and the multitude of health benefits it offers.


What Is Bioperine?:

What Is Bioperine

Black pepper is one of the most widely used spices in the world. Bioperine, also known as Piperine, is the active ingredient in the black pepper fruit that is responsible for many health benefits. Bioperine is an alkaloid compound that is responsible for the bite that makes black pepper so appealing as a seasoning on many foods and in many dishes around the world. Bioperine offers a wide variety of health benefits acting solo and in conjunction with other substances such as curcumin.

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Benefits of Bioperine:

Benefits Of Bioperine

BioPerine can be beneficial to individuals with certain types of cancer. Numerous studies have researched the effects of black pepper fruit extract on different types of cancers and tumors. In particular, one study showed that BioPerine suppressed the growth of melanoma cells. It did so by apoptosis which ultimately inhibited the growth of the tumor.

BioPerine is known to have antioxidant properties. One study conducted showed that black pepper fruit extract is effective against protecting tissues from peroxidative damage. Still another study showed that piperine has the ability to oxidative stress to cells caused by a high-fat diet.

Due to the fact that BioPerine has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces oxidative stress, studies show that it can help relieve the symptoms of human metabolic syndrome. This is, unfortunately, a condition for which there is no known treatment, and the relief of symptoms translates into a higher quality of life.

Bioperine not only makes food taste better, but it improves gastrointestinal function by increasing nutrient absorption. BioPerine slows the rate of digestion which allows the body more time to absorb nutrients including vitamins, minerals and even some medications. The bottom line is that BioPerine increases the effectiveness of other nutrients and medications in the body by improving their ability to be absorbed. For this reason it is more well known as a natural bioavailability enhancer. Oftentimes, physicians will prescribe medications that contain BioPerine in order to slow the rate in which the body processes a certain medication in order to make it more effective.

Studies have shown that BioPerine can enhance cognitive abilities. One study showed that bioperine added as part of a special cocktail helps individuals suffering from Alzheimer's disease by improving spatial cognition and impaired cognition. It also has these same cognitive benefits in the aging population. Along with cognitive benefits, BioPerine has been shown to be effective as an antidepressant by helping to relieve the symptoms of depression and improving individuals' emotional state.

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How to Use Bioperine:

How To Use Bioperine

BioPerine is in the black pepper that is used as a spice, but it is also in health supplements as an herbal extract. Bioperine is taken orally, generally in combination with other vitamins and minerals. In addition to being used as a spice and a dietary supplement, it is also an active ingredient in several different types of prescription medications.

The recommended dose of BioPerine is 5-15 mg a day. The short-term effects will last for approximately two hours, with long-term effects lasting much longer. Although bioperine is generally considered safe, it is always advisable to check with your medical professional if you have any concerns about adding piperine to your daily diet. This is especially important if you are currently taking daily medications and other supplements.

Foods That Contain Black Pepper Fruit Extract:

Foods That Contain Bioperine


Black pepper, which contains BioPerine, is used in a vast amount of foods and dishes. Most people consume black pepper in their daily diets, even if they do not realize it. Take a look at your favorite recipes. More likely than not, they call for black pepper as one of the ingredients. The list can go on and on for the foods that contain black pepper, and therefore BioPerine. However, for those who are looking to increase their bioperine intake, dietary supplements are available.


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Bioperine is a very potent substance, and should be used with caution when you have any type of digestive issues. Ensure to talk to your doctor before using Bioperine if you have digestive issues. If you are looking to make the other supplements that you're taking more effective by improving their ability to be absorbed by the body, then this ingredient could be the exact one that you need.