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Total Bone Broth Protein

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Savory Herb - 18g Of Protein Per Serving
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"Excellent addition to the pantry. Can be used by mixing with hot water for a simply delicious broth drink or a seasoning for your favorite meal. The added clean protein boost is a plus in my diet."
- Benjamin W.  Verified Buyer

zuBroth Total Bone Broth is a natural supplement powder made from grass-fed beef that supports joint & cartilage health, skin elasticity, hair growth, and gut function.

Who knew getting an easy 18g of protein could taste so good & be so amazingly healthy for you?

zuBroth Total Bone Broth helps maintain your skin's glow and elasticity, supports strong cartilage, and promotes muscle growth and recovery while supporting your gut and circulatory system. Each type of collagen fiber, the minerals, amino acids, and gelatin in zuBroth Total Bone Broth are highly absorbable and rapidly used by the body.†

Taking zuBROTH Total Bone Broth daily helps support: Healthy, glowing skin†, Joints, tissue, and cartilage†, Heart health and healthy blood vessels†, Hunger regulation† and Gut health.†


Ancient Wisdom.
Modern Convenience.


Bovine Collagen

zuBROTH is sourced from grass-fed bovine of the highest possible quality


Support Skin Elasticity

The collagen in zuBROTH will help you maintain healthy skin that looks and feels great.


Joint Support

Collagen also supports healthy joints, ligaments, and muscles.


Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth, Pure Deliciousness.

zuBroth was formulated by Christopher Walker with beef sourced from grass-fed cows and flavored with delicious savory herbs, turmeric, tomatoes, and sea salt. Mix it in hot water for a warm savory bone broth drink or sprinkle onto your favorite meals as an everyday spice jam-packed with flavor. See all ingredients

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Bovine Collagen

zuBroth is grass-fed bone broth including 10,000mg of bovine collagen protein per serving.

Collagen is beneficial for your joints, hair, skin, nails, and recovery after exercise. Supplementing with collagen promotes healthy aging and supports supple, elastic skin that can retain its shape even when stretched. Collagen also helps to maintain muscle mass. Enjoy healthy, glowing, and elastic skin, thicker hair, and strong joints.

If you want to preserve your healthy skin, joints, muscle mass, hair, or nails definitely give zuBroth a try!

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how to use
One Scoop per Day

Mix with hot water for a tasty, healthy and savory snack filled with essential nutrients.

Use while Cooking

zuBROTH is a great addition to dishes like rice. Just mix in and adjust for taste. You can also season with zuBROTH powder.

Hit Your Protein Targets

With 18g of protein for just 80 calories, zuBROTH makes it easy to hit your protein targets.

frequently asked questions

What does zuBroth do?

zuBroth is a grass-fed bone broth protein that contains gelatinous protein allowing it to support the health of your hair, skin, nails, joints, and muscle.

How do I take zuBroth?

We suggest taking 1 scoop of zuBroth protein on a daily basis. You can take it on its own by mixing it into water or you can mix it into food (many people like to use it as a seasoning).

Is zuBroth vegan?

No, zuBroth is made from animal sources.

Is zuBroth dairy-free?

Yes, zuBroth is dairy-free, however, it is processed in the same facility as some dairy-containing products.

Can I take zuBroth with medication?

We always recommend talking to your prescribing physician before using any supplements to ensure that they are safe to take with your medical history.

Can I take zuBroth on an empty stomach?

Many customers take zuBroth on an empty stomach. However, for sensitive individuals, we recommend taking it with food.

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Justin P.
United States

Tasty and helps me hit my numbers

I had heard just recently about collagen protein, and then about the benefits of bone broth. Was interested in both and found this product that contains the two. I mix it with hot water and have it as my evening snack to stave off the munchies. I also use it when I need a bit more protein. I love the calorie/protein ratio. I also have a problem with some protein powders bothering my stomach a bit, but this has worked like a charm. Been using it for a few months. Very happy with it!

United States United States

The *****

Total Bone Broth has done for me what Wheaties did for Bruce Jenner! Figuratively speaking now...a total transformation in my eating habits, the nutrients in the Total Broth are sufficient to keep me healthy and full of energy to work a full day as an Electrician. It's going to be almost a year that I've been using The Total Bone Broth, I recently became a subscriber, and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to improve their Gut Health, energy level, ****** drive, and many other health benefits!

Jayson T.
United States United States

Really good product!

The only issue I encountered was an adverse body odor. I noticed it immediately. My wife couldn't stand it. Too bad because it tastes great and the benefits from the collagen were remarkable. The ZuCollagen performed better for me. Thanks guys!

UMZU zuBROTH: Total Bone Broth Protein Review


Hi Jayson, zuBroth does have garlic in it, so this might have been the smell you were referencing. Glad you like UMZU!

Robert B.
United States

Their bone broth rocks!

The day after i started mixing their bone broth in my thermo30 meal I started noticing a feeling of well being. It was kinda all over. My mind was more clear and my usual pains in my knees, elbows and wrist went away. Thank you Chris!! -ian b

Aaron W.

Best damn broth on the market

I was truly surprised with the RICH flavor of this broth. Its hands down the best on the market. Ive been drinking bine broth and eating bone marrow before it was cool. Ive the majority of the broths on the market and this one hit it out of the park

James N.
United States


Besides all of the common things alleviated, aches and wrinkles disappearing. Various sensitive areas that split if not treated weekly with neosporin and a clogged tear duct issue slowly disappearing. Awesome!!!

Sean R.
United States

Total Bone Broth

I’m loving this product! It taste great and it’s easy to use! I have a bag at work and loads more at home for easy use. It goes great in dishes too. I have used it in cooking several times. I put it in soups, salsas, rice and I imagine I’ll be experimenting it much more! I’ve noticed I’m more limber and flexible and I can’t wait to see what other benefits I’ll be experiencing with this great product.

UMZU zuBROTH: Total Bone Broth Protein Review
Greg R.
United States United States


Instead of eating a burger or a burrito; I drive all the way home at lunch for total beef bone broth.I don’t feel heavy or tired after but somewhat energized for the rest of the day with no hunger.. Most excellent

UMZU zuBROTH: Total Bone Broth Protein Review
A UMZU Customer
Bobby D.
United States

I think I really like this product

Awhile back and at a social function I was speaking with a couple that were also into bodybuilding and were singing the praises of bone broth so I thought I’d give it a try. I’ve always trusted Christopher Walkers products, I buy several regularly. After the first package was finished I can honestly tell you it greatly effects my digestive system in a very good way. Muscle recovery seems faster and my tendon ligament tissues are in better condition. It’s a keeper for my nutrition needs.

John O.
Ireland Ireland

ZuBroth Review

I have been taking zubroth for about 2 months now. I mixes easily with hot water and makes a nice flavorsome drink. Since taking zubroth and zucollagen i have noticed better skin and nails. I have also noticed that some of my aches and pains do not bother me as much as they have previously.It would be great if a bag could contain 30 servings as mentioned by other reviewers.

Benjamin W.
United States United States


ZuBROTH has been a great addition to my supplement regiment. The added protein and nutrients is well received by my body . The flavor is easy on the palette and the powder can be easily mixed in with a multitude of meals or simply warm water for a broth drink. Delicious!

UMZU zuBROTH: Total Bone Broth Protein Review
Todd R.
United States United States

Premium bone broth

Tried plenty of store brand beef bone broths, this by far is the best tasting and cheapest substitute. Makes a great morning warm up drink especially in the winter. No need to go into the health benefits, just do a little research and you will see for yourself how proven bone broth is to optimum health.

Matthew P.
United States

The best!

This is the best-tasting bone broth I have tried - far superior to the store-bought brands.

UMZU zuBROTH: Total Bone Broth Protein Review
Gregory N.
United States United States

Bone broth for the win!

Total bone broth is an easy and great tasting way to get the micronutrients you need. Since I’ve been using this product, I feel better, look better, and the health benefits are just amazing. I will be purchasing total bone broth from now on as part of my daily supplementation!

James N.
United States

Bone broth with a win

Scepticism is always the first emotion that hits due to the ever present snake oil salesmen. Then,results, in little things. When you bend a certain way that knee doesn't topple you or those pesty wrinkles lighten. Overall in all my workouts and activities I just feel more robust.

Jorge L.
United States United States

I've been drinking the total bone broth now for over 6 months now. I feel great! I guess I was missing the link to feeling better. I always do my 16 hour fast. When I break my fast I always make my broth first. Oh you guys should put lime juice in it. It's the best broth on the market! Thanks Jorge Lopez

Margaret A.
United States United States

Best tasting bone broth without all the mess and time!

Very happy with UMZU products and customer service. Go with the subscription, it’s so convenient and when I need to pause for any reason, all it takes is a phone call or visit to the site. Simple, like I like.

Anubhav M.
Canada Canada

Great experience

I habe been taking bone broth for last 3 months and quite happy with the results 1) my joints are not paining 2) gut became more healthy 3) getting sound sleep at night 4) strength increase ing in the gym Great job team, going to order more bone broth now

Samson V.
United States United States

Excellent flavor and bone broth fast I felt fantastic

I used the broth for a 5 day broth fast and felt great the entire time. I've also used in some soups and it makes a great base.

Greg R.
United States United States

Total Bone Broth

Most excellent;I’ve tried Collegen & whey products but I can really feel the goodness in my bone broth..

UMZU zuBROTH: Total Bone Broth Protein Review
Umzu Owl

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