Not a Morning Person? Discover the power of Miracle Morning.

Punching the snooze button each morning? Don't have the energy to get out of bed and conquer the day? Discover the power of starting your day out strong to set yourself up for success all day long.

Learn about the power of morning routines, how to plan for success, and what tapping into the power of your morning can do for your life.

Discover the miracle of morning.

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A Morning that Shines!

Your morning routine for success begins far before the alarm buzzes to wake you up; it actually starts before you go to sleep the night before.

Establishing habits each evening that cultivate productive, healthy, and energized mornings is key to your morning starting off on the right foot. Here are a few tips to set you up for a morning that shines!

The Night Before...

1. Calm Your Body & Mind

It is no secret that life is busy, hectic, and crazy. To do lists, texts, phone calls, emails, jobs to do, places to be, people to touch base with...the stimulation is endless. In order to achieve successful mornings, the body and mind must rest and recover the night before.

Nightly meditation can help promote calmness of the body and mind.

Traditional meditation is not for everyone, but utilizing some form of mindfulness to prepare your mind for rest and recovery is going to be extremely effective in allowing you to get the most out of your nightly routine and your state of rest.

Try to find a quiet, dim, and calming space each evening before bed and simply sit still and focus on nothing but your breath for 5 minutes. Turn off your mind, do not recap your day, do not assess the status of your to do list. Just breath, relax, and establish a state of calm.

2. Establish & Maintain a Consistent Bedtime

Going to sleep at a consistent time each night is a foundational aspect of setting yourself up for a successful morning.

The body consists of many different regulatory systems that rely on the circadian rhythm, also referred to as the internal body clock. Having a consistent bedtime is necessary to ensure that this internal clock remains in sync. When the time that you go to bed varies widely, your body’s ability to properly regulate various systems becomes degrades and throws your whole system out of whack.

Try to get to bed within the same 1-hour timeframe each night to help maintain a regulated internal clock!

What is Miracle Morning?

Miracle Morning is an all-natural supplement that is designed to help energize your day. Miracle Morning is comprised of all-natural organically-sourced caffeine so you will enjoy a clean rush of energy. No shakiness like you'd get from low-quality caffeine.

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Morning Tactics...

Now that you have prepared by establishing your nighttime routine, it is time to rise and shine. Let's take on the day!

1. Establish & Maintain a Consistent Wake-Up Time

Remember the internal clock? Establishing and maintaining a consistent wake-up time is just as important as establishing and maintaining a consistent bedtime. The internal clock needs to be in sync and having a consistent wake up time tells the body when it is time to kickstart the morning routine processes that get you revved up for a new day!

Are you one of those people who hit the snooze button 1, 2, 3, or more time before getting up?

You may want to rethink that.

Studies have repeatedly shown that hitting the snooze button results in more fatigue and less productivity throughout the day. Waking up at a time when your body naturally brings you out of sleep or the first time your alarm goes off is going to allow your body’s internal hormonal environment to prepare for the day rather than confusing it by being in the trance like state of sleeping and waking up and having a cocktail of waking and sleeping hormones in your system. 

2. Get Moving

Movement of some kind in the mornings is going to allow for the nervous system to begin to “wake up”. Morning movement of the body and mind are key!

Something as simple as taking one to two minutes to stretch out your body when getting out of bed is going to make a huge difference in kickstarting your body.

For your mind, consider taking 5 minutes in the morning to set your intention, establish a positive mindset, and prepare your mind to take on the day ahead.

3. Fuel for Success

If intermittent fasting isn't your thing, have no fear, breakfast is here. Your brain utilizes glucose as a fuel source. Getting in a sufficient amount of carbs and protein is going to give your body the fuel that is necessary in order to optimize focus and productivity throughout the day.

Eating a breakfast that is aligned with the Thermo Diet philosophy is going to be the most effective way to fuel your body for optimal performance and productivity.

When it comes to the macronutrient composition of the meal, usually a 2:1 to 3:1 ratio of carbs to protein is going to be the most effective for stabilizing sugar levels and fueling your body with sustainable energy.

And one more thing...

Feeling sluggish and tired in the morning can really start your day off on the wrong foot. Great news, it’s completely possible to start your day off feeling energized and ready to go! Utilizing an all-natural caffeine supplement is a key piece of the puzzle when looking to optimize your productivity and morning routine.

What is Miracle Morning?

Miracle Morning is an all-natural supplement that is designed to help energize your day. Miracle Morning is comprised of all-natural organically-sourced caffeine so you will enjoy a clean rush of energy. No shakiness like you'd get from low-quality caffeine.

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Miracle Morning

Miracle Morning is all about getting up and going with the cleanest sources of energy available.

Miracle Morning contains all-natural caffeine from 2 potent sources. The caffeine is organically-sourced from pure caffeine and guarana seed extract, so you will enjoy a clean rush of energy.

  1. L-Theanine: Smooth out and extend the effects of caffeine with L-Theanine, and experience smooth, clean energy and focus all day long with no crash.
  2. Theacrine: Shown in clinical studies to enhance the effects of caffeine, Miracle Morning contains the perfect dosage of Theacrine to pair with caffeine for a stimulating, yet enjoyable and productive sensation so you can get more of what you want done, done.

There is no better way to start your day!


Try Miracle Morning and wake up to your full potential:

  • Improve Energy Levels†
  • Improve Focus†
  • Increase Productivity†
  • Decrease Brain Fog†
  • Promote Mental Clarity†

Miracle Proof

"This stuff truly is a miracle. I used to be one of the most sluggish people on the planet when I woke up... I kid you not I was not speaking to anybody for the first hour I was awake because I had so much brain fog...I started taking this Miracle Morning and it is instant! A natural, light boost. I feel it immediately and it sets my day off right. It gets me laser focused so that I can have the most productive and incredible day that I can!

Russ F.

United States, Happy UMZU Customer

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Miracle Morning Combos:

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Miracle Morning Ingredients:

How Miracle Morning Works:

Miracle Morning is formulated to naturally support energy, mood, focus, and clarity. Get more of you want done, done.

Miracle Morning kickstarts your day with all-natural organically-sourced caffeine helping you get going in the morning and stay energized all day long.

Taking Miracle Morning in the morning will improve energy levels, mood, and clarity of mind to help you take on the day!

It's Time to Make the Most of Your Mornings.

At UMZU, we believe that true health begins on the inside. Just as with anything more external - flexibility, weightlifting, etc. - you must view inner health as part of a big picture. An improvement in one area will bring up all areas, while a deficiency in one area may bring down the whole ship. With Miracle Morning, you'll be able to optimize and supercharge your morning routine to set yourself up for a successful day, maintain focus, clarity, and energy all day long, and feel your best!

Are you ready to experience the miracle of morning?

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