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The year was 2012...

Robert was on a camping trip in the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains, when his tent rips open. It was his father, who sternly says to Robert... "Pack up your things. We need to leave now."

In what seemed like a blur, Robert threw his tent and sleeping bag into the back of his truck. "Where are we going?", Robert asked in a huff. "Duke," his father uttered. "Your brother is in the hospital."

Chris was 19 at the time, and had just been rushed to the hospital in critical condition. His brain and body were failing him. Tests were run and the doctors determined that Chris had a life-threatening pituitary tumor that was blocking his hormonal production. His T levels came in at 11ng/dL - about a third of the average woman of his age.

The whole family was concerned when Chris opted not to take the medication and synthetic T he was prescribed. Chris was a Neuroscience Major at Duke at the time and had learned that taking exogenous hormone replacements would stymie the natural production of his hormones. "Give me a year," he said. "I want to try to do this the right way."

Just one year later, Chris was a different man. He had gotten in shape, his energy levels were skyrocketing and he was happier than ever before. When his T levels were re-tested in a regular checkup, he had reached 1192ng/dL - more than triple the average man. What's more, his tumor had shrunk in size to the point of being benign.

The crazy part? Chris had done this all completely naturally. Diet and lifestyle changes, exercise and correcting vitamin and mineral deficiencies had done the trick.

So Chris wrote a book called "Master Your T," in which he shared his journey and insights he picked up along the way. After 10,000's of copies sold, it was clear that many other men resonated with his issues.

This begged the question... "What other issues do we deal with on an everyday basis that can be solved naturally, without the need for pharmaceuticals that carry a long list of side effects?"

Reaching back to his Neuroscience experience and research acumen, Chris was able to produce a long list of potential issues - from sugar regulation to cognitive health - that could be solved naturally.

When Chris reached out to his brother with this idea, Robert dropped his career in Engineering to forge this path. He had seen for himself how truly effective a focus holistic health can be, and they both wanted to help as many people as possible.

Years later, UMZU continues to grow and has to date helped 100,000's of men and women overcome real issues naturally.

They've learned a lot over the years, but it all comes down to one major principle...

True health is built from the inside out.

At UMZU, we believe that true health has more to do with how you feel than how you look.

Here's the radical truth - we focus too much on the things we can see.

In reality, we are limited by our internal processes... our food choices, sleeping habits, exercise routines, neurotransmitters, hormones, vitamin and mineral levels.

We must turn inward and work on these processes to truly thrive.

Do you ever feel like something is off?

Try UMZU, we can help you.

Heres how:


By correcting key micronutrient deficiencies

Vitamins and minerals make up so much of who we are. UMZU has a catalog of over 50 multivitamins all targeted at solving real problems. No more generic store-bought vitamins... these are underdosed and ineffective. You need a research-backed multivitamin with no additives, fillers or fluff. Everything you need, and nothing more.


By eliminating the "blockers" in your life

You are limited by your environment and choices. The foods you eat, the lifestyle you live - even the personal care items you use can be harmful to your hormonal and neurotransmitter health. We are committed to educating and informing you about these "blockers" and offering affordable alternatives.


By introducing you to "activators"

On the flip side, there are many wonderful things in life that bring you to a better state of health. By replacing Blockers with "Activators", you send yourself on a path towards thriving.


By helping you along the way

Solving real issues requires real care. We are constantly investing in growing our customer service team and knowledge to help you along this journey with UMZU.

Are you ready to be unlimited?

Let's start with your micronutrients. Find the right multivitamin for you below:

Redwood for Blood Flow & Circulation

The circulatory system drives blood across your entire body, so it's no wonder why Redwood is our most popular supplement. Redwood increases your rate of blood flow, leaving you with more energy, better nutrient delivery, warmer appendages and improved bedroom performance.

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Testro-X for Male Hormone Production

Get the exact same micronutrients that Chris used to increase his T levels from next to nothing, to three times the national average. Experience more confidence, strength, power and energy with Testro-X.

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Floracil50 for Gut Health & Probiotics

The gut is known as the "second brain" for good reason! The gut connects with systems all over the body. Protecting your gut with a potent probiotic will help to improve digestion, cognitive health and even hormones!

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zuPOO for Weight Control & Cleansing

It may sound crazy, but researchers claim that we have from 5-20lbs of waste in our systems at any time! That's the equivalent of your last 8 meals sitting in your intestines. By flushing out this waste, zuPOO can help you feel lighter, boost energy and clean out any toxic elements.

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You deserve to thrive.

Let's get you on the right track towards doing more, thinking more, feeling more and living more with UMZU.