Bone Health Bundle: zuCOLLAGEN, Daily Magnesium, Vitamin D3 and Daily K

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Bone Health Bundle

zuCOLLAGEN, Daily Magnesium, Vitamin D3 and Daily K
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The Bone Health Bundle is all about providing men and women with exactly what they need to improve the health of joints and bones.

The Bone Health Bundle includes:

  • zuCOLLAGEN Protein (Choose Your Flavor)
  • Daily Magnesium
  • Liquid Vitamin D3
  • Daily K

By supplementing with the products included in the Bone Health Bundle daily, enjoy bone health and structural benefits - along with added benefits for skin elasticity, hair & nails, metabolism, well-being, cognition, strength and nervous system health.

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Daily Magnesium
Daily Magnesium

Daily Magnesium


More Energy!

Proper magnesium levels are required for your body to maintain a healthy metabolism. Magnesium has also been shown to boost exercise performance, and exercising individuals may need up to 10-20% more magnesium than sedentary people. Use Daily Magnesium to boost your exercise performance and all-day energy.†

Maximum Absorption

The 3 potent forms of magnesium inside every dose of Daily Magnesium are the most potent and highly bioavailable types of magnesium, ensuring that your gut absorbs as much of this incredible nutrient as possible every day.†

Sleep Like A Baby

Magnesium is an essential nutrient for proper sleep cycles and hormonal production while sleeping. Magnesium deficiencies can cause poor sleep quality, insomnia, and restless nights. Start sleeping like a baby again with Daily Magnesium.†

Daily K
Daily K
Stronger Bones

Vitamins K1 and K2 synergize with Vitamin D in the body to keep adequate calcium levels inside your bones. Without enough Vitamin K, calcium will leak out of your bones and into soft tissue and blood vessels, causing a chronic weakening of your bone health over time. Keep your bones strong by supplementing with Daily K consistently.

Better Blood Flow

Vitamin K plays a major role in supporting healthy blood vessels. It contains 4 of the 13 proteins required for healthy blood clotting, which supports faster wound healing. Keep your blood flow balanced and healthy with Daily K.

Healthier Hormone Production

While K1 gets most of the attention, K2 in the forms of MK-4 and MK-7 have been widely studied for hormonal support, specifically playing an important role in healthy production of reproductive hormones. Use Daily K to support your hormonal health.

zuCollagen Protein: Multi-Type Collagen
zuCollagen Protein: Multi-Type Collagen

zuCollagen Protein

Multi-Type Collagen

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body. Lack of collagen can lead to the biological effects of aging - muscle loss, poor joints, wrinkled skin, thinning hair and more. zuCOLLAGEN Protein is more than just collagen protein - it's actually a unique and potent hydrolyzed natural blend of 5 different collagen types that support your skin's elasticity and glow, helps your circulatory system, your gut, joints and cartilage.†

More Protein, Fewer Calories

zuCOLLAGEN is packed with protein to help you build and maintain muscle.† With a great protein-to-calorie ratio, there's no better way to get your collagen

Skin, Hair, and Nail Health

Delay the physical effects of aging with elastic skin, thick hair and strong nails.†

Joint Support

zuCOLLAGEN is more than just protein. It will help strengthen your joints too!†

Liquid Vitamin D3: Immunity, Mood, & Hormone Support
Liquid Vitamin D3: Immunity, Mood, & Hormone Support

Liquid Vitamin D3

Immunity, Mood, & Hormone Support

Liquid Vitamin D3 is all about helping your body support a strong immune system, heightened well-being (especially in the winter months), mineral absorption, increased bone density, and improved hormonal function.†


Vitamin D3 is often used as a structural support supplement, helping you build up bone density.†


Vitamin D3 is a stimulating hormone that has been shown to speed up metabolism†


Experience a lift in mood and well-being, especially in the winter months with less daylight†

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