A woman holding a box of vegetables in a field.


Help those in need get healthy

We will do whatever it takes to make sure anyone has the opportunity to be truly healthy. 2% of the profits from UMZU go to the UMZU Cares Foundation - a nonprofit dedicated to improving access to healthy resources.

What We Do


The UMZU Cares Foundation is a 501c3 Colorado-based nonprofit that was founded by UMZU in 2022 to help support health and wellness initiatives for marginalized communities. The UMZU Cares Foundation phliosophy is based on the guiding principles of purpose, innovation, sustainability and authenticity. With these guiding principles the UMZU Cares Foundation helps to:



Improve and expand health and wellness education and resources to marginalized communities.



Support and broaden sustainability practices, education, and research to protect the natural resources of the future.



Provide funding to research innovative and alternative methods to improving health and wellness.

A group of people planting plants in a field.

We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

Who We Are


At UMZU, we are committed to fostering positive change and making a meaningful impact on the communities we serve and do business in. Our dedication to corporate social responsibility drives us to engage in philanthropic activities and charitable donations that align with our values and vision.

Transparency is a cornerstone of our philanthropic efforts. We believe that open and honest communication about our charitable donations and philanthropic initiatives is essential to build trust with our stakeholders, including customers, employees, partners, and the wider community. As such, we proudly present this Statement of Transparency to provide insight into our charitable giving and philanthropic activities.