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Get Your Blood Pumping.

What is Redwood?

Redwood is an all-natural multivitamin filled with ingredients shown in clinical trials to increase blood flow. Redwood contains the perfect dosages of natural circulatory stimulants to give you the energy, stamina, strength and gym performance you're after.


The ultimate way to "get your blood pumping," Redwood supports gym performance, body temperature, nutrient delivery and immunity naturally.


Redwood can help you:

  • Boost circulation†
  • Improve your mood and sense of well-being†
  • Fortify immune health†
  • Lower blood pressure†
  • Reinvigorate bedroom performance†
  • Produce more sustained, all-day energy†
  • Increase muscle pump and size†
  • Support nutrient delivery†

"I was on my second week of using Redwood and it was chest and triceps day and I was shocked. I blew through my chest workout like it was nothing (same with my tricep workout)! I first thought I hadn't used the right weight I was supposed to but after checking my logs I saw it was actually the week where I had increased the weight 10 lbs. This is NO BS! About to start month 2 on Redwood and am looking forward to more impressive gains!"

Michael S.

United States, Happy UMZU Customer

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Redwood Combo's:

Get the most out of Redwood holistically. We recommend the following products to support hormone production, energy and immunity.


The most popular pairing for Redwood, Testro-X works to improve male health by increasing T levels. Ideal for boosting hormonal function, increasing strength and muscle gains, and improving sleep and recovery, Testro-X is the perfect pairing for Redwood.

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ZUUM Pre-Workout

If you're looking to further boost blood flow, improve gym performance and experience a smooth rush of energy like no other, then try ZUUM Pre-Workout. ZUUM Pre-Workout improves muscle pump, power output and energy, making it a perfect pairing for Redwood.

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zuCOLLAGEN Protein

With better gym performance comes increased muscle growth. Maximize muscle growth with zuCOLLAGEN Protein. Get 20g of protein for just 80 calories. With zuCOLLAGEN, enjoy the added benefits of hair, skin and digestive health. Choose from our NEW Chocolate Brownie or Unflavored options.

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Redwood Ingredients:


If you want to experience better nutrient delivery, stamina, strength, energy, and gym performance, there are three things you need to focus on:

  1. Increasing blood flow and circulation
  2. Increasing nitric oxide production
  3. Regulating blood pressure

We formulated Redwood with all three goals in mind.

With ingredients backed by clinical research, Redwood helps to increase nitric oxide production, speeding up blood flow, regulating blood pressure and improving circulatory health. The best part? All of these ingredients are natural vitamins, minerals and barks, meaning you'll get all of the benefits, with none of the side effects of synthetic drugs.

It's Time to Experience the Power of Better Blood Flow.

At UMZU, we believe that true health begins on the inside. Just as with anything more external - flexibility, weightlifting, etc. - you must view inner health as part of a big picture. An improvement in one area will bring up all areas, while a deficiency in one area may bring down the whole ship. With Redwood, you'll improve blood flow and circulation, a large part of the bigger picture.

Are you ready for it?

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