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Fruit-Based Micronutrient Support
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"We all need daily nutrient support, and organic fruits are hands-down the best way to get bioavailable, easy-to-digest micronutrients from food. But eating enough fruit every day can be really difficult, especially if you're busy! We developed Fruits & Roots™ so every UMZU customer can get over 20+ servings of essential nutrients in every simple, hassle-free, and delicious scoop."
- Christopher Walker, UMZU Co-Founder  Verified Buyer

Let's face it, getting your required daily servings of fruits can be hard.

Shopping, cutting, prepping, & storage... daily fruit consumption can be an expensive, never-ending ordeal that often ends in half of the uneaten fruit rotting away.

With FRUITS & ROOTS, that all changes. Get 20+ servings of highly bioavailable fruit nutrients in every delicious scoop!

Made with Organic Fruits | Non-GMO | 3rd Party Tested | Sourced In The USA 🇺🇸


Why Should You Drink FRUITS & ROOTS™ Daily?


Advanced Antioxidant Support

Formulated with organic USA-grown fruit, rich antioxidants from Betta BerriesⓇ, and the potent phytonutrients in PhytoserveⓇ, FRUITS & ROOTS™ is your one-stop daily antioxidant & micronutrient powder, specifically designed for full antioxidant support in every scoop!


Boost Your Immunity Naturally

Our bodies require daily antioxidant support to keep our immune systems strong & healthy. Organic acerola cherry is one of the most easily-absorbed sources of Vitamin C, so it leads the way in the FRUITS & ROOTS™ formula, along with Betta BerriesⓇ, PhytoserveⓇ, and 23 nutrient-rich fruit sources to ensure that you and your family are getting all of the micronutrients your immune system needs every day.


Over 20 Servings Of Fruit In Every Scoop

We did the math... every scoop of FRUITS & ROOTS™ contains over 40 lbs of fresh fruit, over 20 servings of fruit, and dozens of critical micronutrients, antioxidants, and polyphenols. Don't have the time or money to run to the farmer's market or grocery store a few times a week for fresh fruit? Just take a scoop of FRUITS & ROOTS™ during your busy day and get all the essential nutrients you need.


Why settle for just an apple a day when you can get over 40 pounds of fresh fruit in one delicious scoop...

Imagine how supercharged your body and mind will feel when you're getting in over 20 servings of fruit every single day, all in one delicious serving of FRUITS & ROOTS™ - boost your metabolism, increase your energy, overcome micronutrient deficiencies, and strengthen your immune system with the incredible organic fruit nutrients - all in your daily glass of FRUITS & ROOTS™. Not to mention the cost savings... from under $2/day, FRUITS & ROOTS™ is by far the most cost-effective way to flood your body with over 40 lbs of fruit nutrients, every single day. See all ingredients

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PhytoserveⓇ Phytonutrient Formula photo
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Betta BerriesⓇ Antioxidant Formula

Sourced in the USA, Kosher Certified, and Certified GMO-free, the powerful Betta BerriesⓇ Antioxidant formula contains the nutrient-packed fruits:

  • Acai - A rich source of anthocyanins 
  • Acerola - One of the richest sources of vitamin C and contains bioflavonoids, which are required for the absorption of vitamin C in the body
  • Amla - High in vitamin C and polyphenolic compounds
  • Cranberry - A rich source of flavonoids called proanthocyanidins, and high in carotenoids
  • Goji - One of the richest food sources of carotenoids, including beta-carotene and zeaxanthin
  • Jabuticaba - Rich in the unique plant compound jaboticabin
  • Mangosteen - Particularly rich in xanthones, a class of potent plant compounds
  • Maqui - Rich in anthocyanins and other plant compounds
  • Pomegranate - A rich source of ellagic acid, tannins and anthocyanins
  • Strawberry - High in anthocyanins, flavonols, catechins, ellagic acid and ellagitannin 
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Betta BerriesⓇ Antioxidant Formula photo
how to use
Take 1 scoop daily in a glass of cold water.

Take in the morning, mid-day, or on-the-go due to the energy boost you may get.

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frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of taking FRUITS & ROOTS™ Daily?

The individual micronutrients inside every scoop of FRUITS & ROOTS™ have been widely studied in scientific research and shown to demonstrate benefits with overcoming micronutrient deficiencies, improving energy, immunity, skin health, gut health, metabolism, and so much more!

If I subscribe to FRUITS & ROOTS™ do I keep my discount for life?

Yes, all subscriptions will keep your discount for as long as you have the subscription. Feel free to pause or skip your shipment at any time as well, and you'll keep the discount when you reactivate.

Is FRUITS & ROOTS™ made with organic and non-GMO fruits?

Yes, we take the quality of the source of our ingredients very seriously, so FRUITS & ROOTS was formulated and sourced with organic ingredients that are non-GMO and every batch is 3rd party tested to ensure no contaminants.

How does it taste?

FRUITS & ROOTS tastes great! Imagine juicing over 20 sweet fruits into one drink - it's sweet with the vibrant flavors of berries, tropical fruits, and apple, cranberry, and strawberry juice.

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Christopher H.
United States United States

I love this stuff!!!!

This stuff tastes great, mixes easily, and can easily be taken with you wherever your day takes you. I love the fact that I am getting a full day's worth of healthy fruit in one small scoop plus it's low in calories and high in healthy vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants! Great addition to the UMZU family of products....I'm a FAN!!!!!

John M.
United States United States

Another winner from UMZU

After seeing ad after ad for for its ZuPoo product on YouTube, I finally made my way to umzu.com and ordered a bottle of it. I’ve since become a regular customer (and a subscriber to a few favorite supplements). I’m generally not one to be swayed by the ruthless marketing you encounter on sites like YouTube, but I can say with all honesty that I’m glad I finally gave in to see what UMZU was all about. Reading and listening to Mr. Walker’s thoughts (he has obvious expertise in human biology, diet, fitness, etc.), as well as learning about his personal experience with illness and recovery, has convinced me that the company has something genuinely beneficial to offer people — and not just in its products, but also in the knowledge to be garnered from the UMZU blog (and from Mr. Walker’s YouTube page). Peruse the whole website and give their stuff a real try. The excellent Fruits & Roots is a good place to start. It’s somewhat new but already a classic. Highly recommended.

Frank W.
United States United States

Great taste

UMZU Fruits and Roots tastes great. I have been adding this to my waters and I love the taste. Not sure what it’s doing but it does add a great taste to my water.

UMZU Fruits and Roots - Fruit-Based Micronutrient Support Review
Kevin O.
United States United States

Tasty drink

This is a very flavorful mix, just go easy when first trying it out and don't follow directions. Instead use about 1/2 or less of the provided scoop initially. The cherry overpowers all the other flavors and can be overwhelming, particularly if you use too much. I found mixing about 1/2 scoop in about 8 oz. of soda or tonic water makes refreshing drink.

Brooke P.
United States United States

Fruits and Roots

I love the results I have had with this product! I have been using Fruits and Roots for almost a month now. I drink one scoop in a mug of water and a scoop of organic matches first thing in the morning. It is refreshing and satisfying. It has cut my sugar cravings to the point I only had one bite of brownie from the last pan we made. I just did not want them. I am less hungry after workouts, and left some of my favorite breakfast on the plate last time I ate out. It definitely has cut my feeling munchie. Overall, I feel more satisfied with eating less and better with this product. Two thumbs up from an ex- chronic snacker.

Elvin S.
United States United States

Not Bad

Taste good has plenty of fruit extracts. Price point might be hard for some but the 30 day supply helps off set that. Tho I thought it would have more fiber for all that natural organic ingredients.

Christopher M.
United States United States

Almost subscription worthy

Flavors my bone broth shake a little better. I like how I get some prebiotic source with the Jerusalem artichoke. I would like to see the breakdown of the micronutrients that are supplied. All ingredients sound good. Nice price point. I’ll probably get it through subscription next and not use my points

Matthew L.
United States United States

Morning fruits

I’ve only been using Fruits & Roots for a little over a month now, but if I don’t have it on my 40min ride to work in the morning I just don’t feel right. It’s not sweet at all which is a plus for me. It’s a pleasant tart to start the day and being that it’s from UMZU I know it’s high quality.

Cynthia C.
United States United States

A good way to get your fruits and veggies

I feel amazing and it tastes so good. I add it to my daily shake and surprisingly it goes with chocolate yum. I feel awful when I miss a day.

Andrew J.
United States United States

My favorite UMZU product

Fruits and roots is my new go to UMZU product. It tastes delicious and has replaced the unhealthy energy drinks I was having daily. The price is not bad if you consider how much we can spend on energy drinks and coffee. Being able to have that many fruits in your diet Daily is such an amazing health benefit as well. Will be subscribing This stuff permanently.

Daryl W.
United States United States

Fruit & Roots

Super good like the taste

Christopher K.
United States United States

10 out of 10

Tastes great. Keep refrigerated and drink mix within 24 hrs. I've been looking for a good mix with water drink to replenish me and this is much better than those artificial with bad additives you see on the shelves in stores. Nice fruity flavor.

UMZU Fruits and Roots - Fruit-Based Micronutrient Support Review
Merit P.
United States United States


Fruits & Roots TASTES FANTASTIC!!! I love it in my smoothie and it tastes great!! Like candy! Super sweet, and good for me since it includes roots I would never eat on my own! Kicks up the sweetness flavor in my smoothie with or without other fruits I add.

Lukas B.
United States United States

Best pre workout ever


Jeff M.
United States United States

Fruits & Roots

It's difficult to say if this is enhancing my nutrition, but it certainly can't hurt!

Fritz H.
United States United States

Boost of Energy

The six words to best sum up the benefits of this great nutrient-support supplement: I consistently feel primed for performance! I feel more alert and focused! I definitely recommend Fruits and Roots for any and everyone who wants to improve their overall quality of life. Especially when it comes to athletic performance.

Clifford B.
United States United States

Part of my daily Routine

First things it tastes great. I usually drink this once a day mid morning. It’s great know this is helping fill in some of my nutritional gaps!

Brad H.
United States United States

Twice a day

We use this twice a day in my house. We add it to green powder to sweeten those up. Tastes great

Benjamin F.
United States United States

The Essentials!

Let's face it, we're all busy, and it can be tough to get in the proper amount of fruits each day. This makes it SO easy! My preferences are to either blend in with my protein shakes (see Umzu's Protein Powder options!), or with my 1st bottle of water of the day! I feel so much better and balanced, and walk confidently in the knowledge that no matter what comes my way today, I've had my fruit fix! Thank you!

Victor A.
United States United States

Fruit Roll-up

The mix is like a Fruit Roll up; and has the benefits to offer.

Umzu Owl

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