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Congratulations To Our New UMZU Ambassadors - July 2020

By Christopher Walker

Big Announcement! We've selected the second 25 ambassadors.

687 men and women applied to the UMZU Ambassador Program, & all of the applicants were outstanding!

Congratulations to the second 25 ambassadors who've been selected! If you didn't get in during this round, don't worry, we're opening up for 25 more at the end of August.

If you were selected, our team will be reaching out to you today via email to take the next steps to get you set-up.


  • Ralph King
  • Jake Neubauer
  • Abad Castro
  • Jordan Heusinkveld
  • Alex Bemis
  • Chris Ganter
  • Rohit Sharma
  • Joseph Areano
  • Sawyer Boone
  • Jeff Sainlar
  • Michael Phung
  • D'Angelo Stovall
  • Johnnie Brown
  • Tyler Stephens
  • Jeffrey Cunningham
  • Colin Ricco
  • Carlos Williams
  • Edward Young
  • Richard Milam
  • Ryan Lambe
  • Joseph Caban
  • Benjamin Welch
  • Brandon Perpall
  • Timothy Berlow
  • Roy Mubiru