UMZU 2021 Year In Review

By Christopher Walker

Happy New Year’s Eve to the entire UMZU family, 

I want to take a quick moment and reflect upon 2021 together: to update all of our customers, employees, and families & friends about the “State of the Union” of UMZU as a company and what our plans are for the year ahead!


2021 In Review

Record Growth: UMZU - as a brand, company, and team - experienced record growth in 2021, tripling not just in size from 2020, but even more than tripling our warehouse and fulfillment facilities and capacity. As the company scaled quickly during the first quarter of 2020, we realized that we were going to need more space to ensure that we could store and fulfill our products properly. We moved into Celestial Seasonings’ former warehouse in Boulder, CO - with 100,000 square feet of space, which will ensure that we continue to grow and improve our operational capabilities to get our products out to all customers as fast as possible. 

New Products: 2021 was a great year for new product releases at UMZU. Six new supplement formulas hit the shelves and all of them have proven to be very helpful for improving our customers’ health. The most popular new product of 2021 is zuBURN, with raving reviews and thousands of satisfied customers in just the first few months of its release. 

Growing Team: Here at UMZU, our mission involves ensuring that our customers thrive, and a key part of that happening is to also ensure that our team - every single employee - is also thriving. UMZU’s team is now over 70 employees, and we’re going to be actively hiring for additional help in customer care, marketing, and fulfillment in 2022. If you have A++ attitude and work ethic, and are interested in working on Team UMZU, keep an eye on our new job position openings. We’d love to talk to you!

Challenges Tackled: Let’s face it… 2021 was a challenging year for everyone. We faced every challenge head-on and I’m proud to say that year-after-year, no matter the circumstances, UMZU continues to get stronger. This is a real testament to the fortitude of our entire team and the incredible support of our customers. Thank you so much for your support! We can’t wait to continue supporting your health goals in this New Year. 


2022 - The Year Ahead

The energy at UMZU is always of educated optimism, so we’re extremely excited for this coming year! 

During 2021, we took active steps to ensure the stability of UMZU in 2022. 

2021 brought unprecedented supply chain challenges across the world, with shipping costs and time-to-ship increasing drastically for customers, alongside inventory shortages around the world, leading to ever-rising costs across nearly every industry. 

To prepare, we actively built our inventory levels massively during 2021. Always be prepared!

While we predict many other supplement brands will suffer with stock-outs during 2022 due to huge increases in raw ingredient lead times, we’re poised to keep your favorite UMZU products in stock so you never run out. 

Inflation has also been a hot topic around the world, leading to most companies increasing prices across the board. 

Our goal for UMZU in 2022 is to strategically navigate the current supply chain, inflation, and shipping issues in the world in a way where we can keep our prices stable, and possibly even improve our pricing model so you - our valued customer - don’t suffer, but instead THRIVE, during this period. That is our mission after all. 

Our focus in 2022 will continue to be on providing more and more value to every one of our customers. We believe in win-win situations, and we’ll continue to find them for you. 

New products are on the way in 2022! First up is zuBREW, our organic instant “super coffee” which is launching very soon. And I’m stoked to finally announce that my long-awaited new book, The Thermo Diet, will finally be published and launched in February. 

Thermo is the backbone of our health philosophy here at UMZU, the core foundation upon which all of our products are built, so I can’t wait for every one of our customers to read the book. It will truly change your life and perspective on health forever. 


For those of you still with me here, thank you so much for reading this and for your support of UMZU and our entire team. 

We’re dedicated to continuing to serve you and help you improve your health into 2022 and beyond. 

Love to all and Happy New Year, 

Christopher Walker

CEO & Co-founder, UMZU