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Energy Is Everything | How Everything We Know Is Connected

By Tyler Woodward

Since your first science class you learned that the universe is separated into two different entities, energy and matter. But what if you were taught wrong? Energy and matter aren't two separate entities, rather a scale of energy. Everything is energy and energy is everything.

Key Takeaways:

Energy & Matter:

During your first ever science class you likely learned that the universe is separated into two different entities, energy and matter. Energy is defined as the ability to do work or create change. It's most commonly found in the forms of light, electricity, heat, or gravity. Matter is defined as anything that contains mass and occupies space. There are 4 phases of matter: gas, liquids, solids and plasma. 

States Of Matter

But what if we have been looking at this concept wrong? What if energy and matter aren’t two separate things, rather one continuous spectrum? Let me explain…

All types of matter begin with the atom. The atom is defined as, “ smallest unit into which matter can be divided without the release of electrically charged particles.” The atom is made up of three parts: 

What Is an atom

  1. The Proton - Protons are positively charged molecules that contain mass
  2. The Neutron - Neutrons are neutrally charged or no charge molecules that also contain mass
  3. The Electrons - Electrons are negatively charged ions that are so small and light that they are usually said to be massless

The protons and neutrons of the atom are said to reside in the “atomic nucleus” or the center of the atoms. Electrons, on the other hand, rapidly orbit around the nucleus like planets revolving around the sun. 

The number of protons an atom has determines which element it is. The atomic table is organized by the number of protons contained in each element starting with Hydrogen -1, Helium -2, Lithium-3... ect., 

Periodic Table

Here’s where it gets interesting…

Atoms are so tiny that even if it was possible to create a microscope powerful enough to see an individual atom, it would really just look like a dark, empty room. This is because individual atoms are so tiny that they do not deflect light and are basically invisible, just like most forms of energy!

This means that atoms in fact are just another form of energy.  Matter and energy are not two separate entities, but one. 

Why does this matter? Again, let me explain…

Atoms all vibrate at a given frequency or speed. The bigger the atom, the slower it will vibrate. When atoms combine to form other compounds they vibrate slower. If you bring enough of these atoms together, eventually they slow down enough to form a gas. If we bring more of these atoms closer together, they’ll cool down even more to form liquids and if we bring these atoms even closer together they’ll form a solid. 

You may also remember that temperature or heat is also a type of energy. This is why solids occur at the coldest temperatures, when there is the least amount of energy/heat and therefore the least movement of the atoms. 

Fun Fact - If you cool atoms down enough they will completely stop vibrating, this point is known as absolute zero and occurs at 0°K or -273°C. 

Again, why does this matter?!?

Because We Are Just...

Sum of Our parts

We are made up of billions of atoms which combine to make up the hundreds of thousands of cells in our body. These cells combine to make up our tissues which combine to make our organs, then organ systems and finally, an organism. And just like the individual atoms, each piece of this equation vibrates at its own unique frequency from the level of the organism (us) all the way down to our individual cells. Just like every human has a unique fingerprint, we all have unique energy signatures. In fact, doctors today can actually differentiate between “healthy” cells and cancerous cells by the frequency at which these cells vibrate at. 

Now when we take this a step further, you realize that the spirit and body are not two separate parts, but rather one integrated being. In ancient Chinese culture this is referred to as Chi, “the vital life force or energy that runs through all living beings. It is the essence of existence that flows through each of us, uniting the body, mind and spirit. It is what makes us alive.” 

This means that everything that we dream, think, and say is a type of energy just as real as you and I even though we cannot see it. 

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The Placebo Effect: 

Have you ever really considered the placebo effect? The placebo effect is really just the power of positive, or negative, thinking. This effect happens over and over again in clinical trials. Test subjects are told they are being given medicine (a pharmaceutical drug) to treat their medical ailment (depression, anxiety, pain, ect.), but in reality half the subjects are just being given a sugar pill or placebo. Time and time again, the subjects given the sugar pill report better results than the subjects given the real pharmaceutical drug.  How does this happen? Because these subjects BELIEVE they are getting medicine that will improve their wellbeing and unlike pharmaceuticals, positive thinking doesn’t come with any side effects. 

It’s also worth noting that the nocebo effect, the power of negative thinking, is just as real. In 2009, a man attempted to commit suicide by swallowing 29 capsules of an experimental anti-depressant from a clinical trial he was a subject in. The man immediately regretted the decision and luckily found a neighbor to drive him to the hospital. Upon checking into the hospital the man showed all signs of a drug overdose, a rapid heart rate with dropping blood and almost immediately collapsed onto the floor of the hospital. A physician from the antidepressant clinical trial arrived at the hospital and realized that this man had actually been part of the placebo group and had swallowed 29 sugar pills. 15 minutes after being informed that he had been part of the placebo group, the same man who had only moments ago collapsed on the floor, had basically fully recovered.

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Energy Spectrum

Energy travels as waves, just like waves in the ocean. In the same manner, when two separate forms of energy interact with one another they either bring each other up (harmonize) or bring each other down (interfere). If you’ve ever watched big waves form in the ocean you can see that as the smaller, broken waves retreat back into the ocean they will either chip away at the incoming waves, decreasing the incoming waves size, or sync up and merge with the waves, increasing the waves size.  This is determined by the frequency the waves exist in. If the frequency of the outbound wave matches that of the incoming wave they merge with one another. If the frequency of the outbound wave is opposite that of the inbound wave, it will disrupt the wave.  These concepts are known as constructive interference and destructive interference respectively. You’ve likely heard of constructive interference through its more common name, harmonic resonance aka harmony. In reality, these ideas operate in a spectrum. The closer the two frequencies are together, the more they will harmonize. The farther the two frequencies are apart the more they will disrupt each other. 

Just like energy and atoms vibrate at a given frequency, or wavelength, so do our cells. Cells communicate in part with each other through emitting this energy to one another through these vibrations. Cells with more energy vibrate at a higher frequency and influence other cells around them to do the same. Cells with low energy vibrate at a lower frequency and influence other cells around them to do the same. 

This same concept applies to life as we know it. Everything around you either brings you up and increases your energy or brings you down, decreasing your energy. But this doesn’t just stop there. Every thought, emotion and belief we have results in real biological consequences that either flow in harmony with your unique frequency, bringing you up, or interfere with it, bringing you down. 

Obviously, you can't control everything that you come into contact with. And even if you could control everything, so your life is "perfect", is that life really worth living? 

“They say there is no light without dark, no good without evil, no male without female, no right without wrong. That nothing can exist if it's direct opposite does not also exist” ~ Laurell K. Hamilton

At the end of the day, it all comes down to balance. 


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My goal in writing this article, as always, is to provide you with logically-based principles that you can use to form your own conclusions regarding any information you may come across within this subject. I really hope you found this article interesting and if you have anything to add to this article, or any comments or criticism, feel free to reach out to me on our facebook groups (The Thermo Diet Community Group, The UMZU Community Group) or on Instagram @tylerwoodward__. Also, please feel free to share this article with anyone that might be interested.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time… be good

~Tyler Woodward
B.S. Physiology and Neurobiology

Food For Thought:

Have you ever wondered about the power of music? Why does sad music make you sad, happy music brings you up, dance music gives you energy, ect., Maybe it’s the frequency that the sound waves of the music vibrate at which interact with our body and cells. Again, either bringing us up or down and evoking various emotions.

Have you ever wondered about ghosts and paranormal activity? We’ve all heard of people having crazy experiences that they swear were former relatives interacting with them from the beyond. Ironically, Newton’s first law is that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Maybe it’s possible that remnants of the energy from our ancestors still exist around us today. Although we do not fully understand why or how (or even believe it) this can occur, maybe if the energy is strong enough we can sense it and recognize that energy.