The Ultimate Guide To Boosting Testosterone With Body Language
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The Ultimate Guide To Boosting Testosterone With Body Language

Published December 19, 2023

Most people on the Internet that are trying to solve a problem are just looking for a quick fix. In many scenarios the quick fix doesn’t exist. To fix a problem, it takes hard work and lifestyle changes. A lot of people don’t like to hear that.


Natural testosterone enhancement is one of those things that takes work to obtain, and at UMZU, we know that we have an audience of hard workers.

But what if we told you that there is a natural quick fix of sorts to enhance your testosterone in less than two minutes?

What if you could start boosting testosterone from the comfort of your own home simply by throwing something into your morning routine? That would be awesome, right?

Here’s a little known fact: Changing your body language can raise your testosterone by 20% in just 2 minutes.

Hormones And Confidence:


Have you ever had trouble being a leader?

In recent studies by Harvard University, the University of Oregon, and the University of Texas, results in leadership studies are showing that powerful leaders have two common traits: (1)

  • High testosterone levels
  • Low cortisol levels

The blend of this hormonal balance in both men and women results in the well-known feeling of confidence.

If you maintain this balance of hormones you will see that you will become more assertive, confident, relaxed, able to handle high stress/pressure situations.

Everyone could use a little boost of confidence, and leadership skills can prove to be very useful at work and at home. So what does this have to do with body language?

Testosterone And Body Language:

Testosterone Body Language

Amy Cuddy is a famous researcher at Harvard University.

She did an amazing TED talk on body language and confidence and if you have not yet watched it, you should check it out after you finish reading this article.

Cuddy and her team did a study on hormonal levels when subjects were in what they defined as, high power, and low power poses.

High power poses are those that are open in stance or confident in nature.

Low power poses are those that are closed with body parts crossed. (2)

Subjects of the study were tested for salivary testosterone and cortisol levels before the trial, and then subjects were asked to sit in either a high power or low power pose for two minutes.

Subjects were again tested for salivary testosterone and cortisol levels after the two minutes and the results were amazing.

Across the board, testosterone levels were raised by 20% and cortisol levels decreased by 25% in those that chose the high power pose for two minutes. (1)

This means that if you could stand in a high power pose for just TWO MINUTES (maybe just when you get out of bed) you will spike your testosterone and reduce stress to start your day.

Some of us were fortunate to learn about body language and confidence in a public speaking class.

Teachers of those classes often like to have you stand in a power pose for two minutes on speech days so you feel a lot more comfortable giving your speech.

But enough about that, how can YOU implement this in your own life?

The Power Poses:

Power Poses

These are a couple of power poses that you can do in the two-minute window, meaning you probably will not want to do this for more than two minutes.

This isn’t because you will OD on testosterone or anything, it’s just so you won’t look like a complete idiot for more than 2 minutes…

The Superhero:

This is the classic power pose. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and throw those fists on your hips.

There is a certain confidence about this pose that says, “Yeah, I know what I’m doing. What are you going to do about it?”

The Vitruvian Man:

This is one that’s also usually done behind the comfort of closed doors.

This is where you stand with legs wide and arms out in a big victory hoorah. Imagine you’ve just won a big race and you are raising your arms in success.

You are the boss. You are killing it. Look at you with your arms lifted high. No one can touch you.

This pose is great because you also get a nice stretch from it. Yoga utilizes power poses like this one to rejuvenate the body.

Here are a couple of poses that you can implement in everyday life in public without looking like a complete doof. These can last more than 2 minutes and can simply boost your overall confidence if enacted regularly.

The Relaxing CEO:

Just lean back with your arms not crossed and throw those legs up on whatever furniture you can find.

You OWN the room. You are the CEO that has had a long day and is meeting with clients he doesn’t care too much about. You are too awesome to care that much.

The Brute Ape:

You jungle animal.

Take your arms and rest them on the table in front of you, leaning in and putting weight on the arms like a gorilla.

This one would work especially well if you were talking to someone sitting down or below you.

Lean forward on your hands and glare down on them. This will give you the confidence to say what you need to say and will establish you as the dominant in the conversation.

The Back Brace:

This is the easiest power pose and it can be practiced every waking moment of the day. Simply stand up straighter.

Not only can this boost your confidence, but you can actually add around two inches to your height simply by having better posture.

Avoid body language like slouching, crossing your arms, crossing your legs, looking down at the ground, rubbing your neck, or putting your hands between your knees when you are sitting.

These are called low power poses. They can actually have the exact opposite effect of high power poses.

Think about body language as your device to gain confidence and testosterone while reducing stress. Which brings us to the next point…

Consistently Practice Your Power Posing Can Help You With Boosting Testosterone:

If you look confident and put yourself in bodily positions of confidence, then your testosterone will rise and your stress levels will decline.

And it can be as simple as doing a power pose for two minutes.

Although changing your body language is certainly not the be-all, end-all for your confidence or testosterone enhancement, but it’s a great start. If you’re really interested in raising your testosterone naturally, there are many other ways which are outlined in our Master Your T Program, which you can find on our fitness platform UMZUfit!


By raising your testosterone in ways other than just power posing, you can reduce cortisol even further and become the dominant, natural born leader you thought you always should have been.

Confidence is hormonal. Create the hormonal balance for yourself and remember to always power pose.

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